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Commercial Questions

Who will run the club ?

The club will be run by a small team of experienced successful businessmen, with outstanding expertise in areas such as finance, marketing, administration and forward strategic planning. This is not a hobby, and these people are not on an ego trip - they are in business to run a successful club. They will formulate a long term plan to ensure the success of the club and they will be supported in their decision making process by you.

How will you choose the manager ?

The success of the team depends upon our choosing an extremely capable manager. We will look for an ambitious young manager who will understand and share our strong desire for success. The successful candidate will clearly need to firmly believe in what we are doing and be looking to make a name for himself. He will be responsible for the team on the pitch, and he will be measured on results. Once we buy our chosen club, we will invite applications for the post of Team Manager. We will draw up a shortlist of suitable candidates to interview and we will present a shortlist for subscribers to vote for. The candidate with the most votes wil become the manager. Rest assured, we will be looking to recruit the highest calibre brightest young manager in the country, one with a burning desire to make a name for himself and bring success to the club.

How does choosing the club work ?

At registration, you are asked who you would ideally like us to buy. We are looking for a club with potential to succeed. The most popular clubs will form a shortlist. Once we have sufficient members, we will then enter into discussions with those clubs that meet our buying criteria. If the team voted for the most meets the criteria and we can reach an agreement, then they will become The People's Club. If not, we'll move on down the list until we find a suitable club.

What are the criteria for buying a club ?

The club must have potential to improve - to get promoted within three years; there must be a sizeable catchment area within an hour's drive; there must be the ability to grow the fan base; the stadium must have a decent capacity, the local council will need to be supportive and from a commercial point of view 100% of the football club shares can be bought and there must be little or no debt.

What guarantee of success is there ?

Nothing in life is guaranteed. However, a well run profitable club with an imaginative board, a strategic development plan for both the infrastructure and the team, a capable manager, decent transfer funds, a motivated talented squad, an existing fan base and your involvement, success is highly likely.

I am interested, but am still undecided - what next ?

Simply register your details with us. There is no financial obligation. Maybe football isn't your thing - maybe you should try Online Dating.

Do you accept applications from outside the UK ?

Yes. If you don't live in the UK, you can still join in the fun and excitement. We want you on board. This is your chance to get involved in owning and running an English Football Team.