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Financial Questions

How much does membership cost ?

It is free to register. We are not collecting any money from anyone at this time. We want as many fans as possible to sign up.

Will I become a shareholder in the club ?

No. The preferred and most tax efficient method is for you to pay an annual subscription. From a financial point of view, the subscription model will work very much like a golf club membership, rather than you being a shareholder with all the legal and admin overheads. Remember, you are not able to invest at the moment - this is the free registration stage.

Can we buy a Premier League club ?

It is a matter of money. Chelsea are valued at £800 milliion, and Arsenal at £667 million. The Glazers bought Manchester United for £921 million, Newcastle cost £135 million, Derby County £90 million, Manchester City £82 million, and Aston Villa were bought for £63 million. These figures are simply beyond all but multi-millionaires. Our business model is to buy a club for under £1 million and develop that club over time to be successful.

What if you don't get enough members ?

Only when there are 40,000 members signed up will we then move on the next stage to enter discussions with football clubs identified by our members as potential partners.

What if the club goes into debt - will I owe any money or be liable for more money ?

No, you will not be liable or owe any money. You will not have to pay anything more than an annual subscription fee. Think of the golf club model. Bear in mind that we will not be looking to buy a club that is already in debt and that our business model means that it is highly likely that we will be in profit rather than in debt.

I am a wealthy person - who do I need to speak to regards investing with you ?

Please email us. We genuinely welcome such enquiries.

Will I make money out of this ?

No. This is not a money making scheme. If you wish to earn money, we suggest a bank or building society account. This is not an investment scheme in any shape or form, in much the same way that golf club or sports club memberships are not collective investment schemes. Remember, we are not taking any paid investments of any description. Registration is completley free.

I love it - what now ?

Register now for free.