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Why is it called The People's Club ?

John Charles, a 1960s legend for Leeds and Juventus, once said "I tifosi sono il cuore di calcio" which roughly translates as the fans are the heart of football. We all know this to be true. We are doing this for the love of football - the beautiful game. The club that will be bought will be owned by the people - hence The People's Club.

What inspired you?

The core team at The People's Club were inspired at the 2006 World Cup. We were over in Germany in a camper van enduring England's dismal performances and all disagreeing with Sven's team selections. We realised that the fans all had an opinion which differed from the manager's. On our way back to Blighty we came up with the idea of not only giving the fans a voice, but doing it in a way that would make a difference to a real football club. The People's Club was born.

Do I need Internet access ?

You do not need to be a webaholic to join The People's Club. If you don't have access to the Internet yet, you can still join and play your part. You can get a mate to sign up for you or we can accept applications by post.

What about the club's existing supporters ?

We expect the far sighted fans to be extremely happy we will be taking over their club. We also expect the majority to join the subscription scheme to bring in additional revenue to the club, and also to give them the ability to have a say in choosing the team and the running of the club.

I am interested, but am still undecided - what next ?

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