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Can I really choose the team for each match ?

Yes, yes and yes. Paid up subscribers will be able to pick the team. There will be no nonsense about the manager having a &qout; very, very large say" in picking the team, as you may find elsewhere.

How can that possibly work ?

We have a prototype demo for you to try to get a feel for how it will all work. Try it now.

Can I really choose the manager ?

Yes, you most definitely can. Once we buy our club, we will advertise for a manager and the shortlist will be presented to all subscribers. You will then have the opportunity to vote for the manager of your choice. It may well be that you vote to retain the current manager, but that will be your decision. The candidate with the most votes will be offered the manager's job. Pure and simple as that.

Will a decent manager accept the team being picked for him ?

It is part of the manager's responsibilities to ensure we have a winning team. If the team is successful, he would naturally expect the members to endorse his preferred team selection. However, you wil have real power - our members WILL decide and pick the team for each game. The manager will be appointed knowing this will be the case. It will be the manager's job to manage. Team selection will be your job! The web site will provide details of all players in the squad and their statistics, with explanation from the manager as to why he feels they should be picked. However, you will have the ultimate decision on who plays including the ability to drop players. This fully interactive method will be explained to all managerial applicants and acceptance of it will be part of the contract with the successful candidate.

Can I identify transfer targets ?

Yes. At any time go to the subscribers only forum and use the transfer target section to add your suggestions on players to improve the team.

What club are you going to buy ?

Who knows - that will be decided by you. Vote for the club you think we should buy when you register. The clubs with the most votes will be the ones considered.

What if results are poor ?

We see this as unlikely. We will not accept an underperforming team. We will not accept mid-table mediocrity. We want our club to be successful. During the season, you will get the chance to vote on progress, with a range of options available to you. So, yes, you will have the power to make changes.

What guarantee of success is there ?

Nothing in life is guaranteed. However, a well run profitable club with an experienced imaginative board, a strategic development plan for both the infrastructure and the team, a young, capable, ambitious manager, decent transfer funds, a motivated talented squad, an existing fan base and your involvement, success is extremely likely.

Can I really sack the manager ?

Yes. If the majority of subscribers vote to sack the manager, he will be sacked.

I have another question not listed here - can you answer it ?

Simply send us an email and we will answer you as quickly as we can. Where we get a number of questions on a similar theme, we will update this page.