How it works

How it works
Fancy part owning a professional football club – and then voting on major decisions that affect the running of that club?

Every member of The People's Club will have an equal say in a number of very important matters, both on and off the pitch. The key important and fun decision making will involve voting on the team selection for every match!

At this stage in the process, you will be able to help select which club should become The People's Club. Once the club is chosen and terms agreed, you will be involved in a huge variety of matters including selecting the manager, choosing first team home and away kits, and helping run the club. Amongst other things, you will help decide where money should be spent within the club - e.g. Transfer Funds, Youth Scheme, Football in the Community, Ground Development etc. etc.

Free Registration

At this stage of the process, you do not pay anything. You can register to become a member for free and when we have 40,000 people registered, we will email everyone with the subscription terms.

Where the money goes


We will provide three subscription levels, all with fabulous benefits, to cater for differing requirements. Every member of The People's Club will have equal voting rights. Amongst many perks, subscribers will get access to the web site to pick the team and enjoy all the other interactive stuff on offer. Also included will be a guaranteed match ticket for a home game of the club that becomes The People's Club.

Buying the right football club

The most popular club, as voted for by members of The People's Club, and the one that best matches the following criteria, will be purchased:

  • 100% of the football club shares can be bought
  • The club has the potential to be promoted to The Football League
  • There is little or no debt
  • There is a sizeable catchment area within an hour's drive
  • The local council are supportive
  • The stadium has a decent capacity

After the club is bought

Once we have bought and own the right football club, we will immediately start a search for a new manager - a search that you will play an active part in. Once we own the club, you will be able to play an active part in a huge range of activities including of course selecting the team for each match. Try the Pick your team demo as a taster to see how this will work. Of course, this is just one of many interactive matters you will be able to get involved in.

Make History

With The People's Club you have the opportunity to make football history. Just imagine being able to make the team decisions. Unlike other ventures, you WILL be able to pick the team without interference. This is an opportunity you must not miss.

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What people are saying
"This is why I love you English. This is fan power. It is even fantastic power to us all :)"
Jesus, Oxford