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Ask any Halifax fan about the glory days and they'll think back to the late sixties and early seventies under Alan Ball. The club has a proud history in the Football League, a history which ended in 1993 when Halifax were relegated to the Conference.

In the intervening years, as well as fighting to regain League status, the club has had to endure some horrific financial problems hovering dangerously close to being declare bankrupt on numerous occasions. Money worries continue to dog Halifax even today and this continue to affect performances on the pitch, despite an improvement in this respect in recent years. Narrowly missing out on promotion through the play-offs at the end of the 2005/06 season was heartbreaking and, once again this season, the Shaymen are off the pace right from the start of the season. Another year in the Conference beckons.

Despite all their financial concerns, Halifax Town remain a fantastic club with real potential and loyal fans. Shay Stadium deserves to play host to a team not only competing for the Conference title, but seeking promotion to the Football League proper once again.

If you would like the chance to help put Halifax Town on the path to glory and have a say in the future of the club, then maybe The People's Club can help.

Halifax Town - The People's Club?

The People’s Club are looking to sign up 40,000 football fans who are interesting in buying and running a real football club, which will be chosen by our members. We expect to bring in excess of £1,500,000 investment per season to the chosen club.

If our members choose Halifax Town to become The People's Club, then what will we do?

Firstly, we'll bring much needed investment to the club in a number of ways.

You can expect gate receipts at home games to go up as members travel to see games and boost the attendance figures. Innovative commercial activities will bring in additional revenue and the very nature of The People's Club concept will naturally mean Halifax Town will receive a massive publicity boost as the local and national media all monitor the success of the club.

Secondly, you, the fans, will run the club. You'll have the ability to vote on whether to hire or fire a manager, which players start each game each week and who is on the bench. As the transfer window opens, you'll be able to choose who we sign and who we transfer list.

We are giving you the opportunity to take Halifax Town forwards - and, who knows, maybe one day we'll be boarding coaches to take us to Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge and Villa Park every other Saturday.

Most importantly, what we won't do is change Halifax Town for the worse. We're all football fans and we fully understand the importance of the heritage and identity of the club and the feeling of belonging that each and every Halifax Town fan feels. We certainly won't be relocating the team to Milton Keynes or mucking around with the club crest.

Halifax Town

Halifax Town

Halifax Town

How will your membership help?

As politicians are fond of saying, your vote counts. The People's Club is built entirely on the concept that the fans know best and the collective decision making power that our members have will ensure success for many years to come.

At the moment, Halifax Town is not The People's Club. It can only become so if you sign up and choose Halifax Town as the club you think we should make a bid for once we have enough members and therefore enough funds to do so.

Register for free and select Halifax Town as your choice for the club we should buy. Then tell all your friends about us - their votes count too! If Halifax Town is one of the most popular choices, it stands a very good chance of attracting substantial investment.

We're also on the lookout for a representative in Thurrock to encourage fans to sign up, so please contact us if you think you can get enough fans behind you and make Halifax Town The People's Club.

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