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Thanks for your support

March 31st 2008

A quick note of thanks to all of you who have sent us email messages of support. We do appreciate them.

Who's new ?

February 28th 2008

On the ticker in the top right corner, you can now see the last fifteen people to sign up, and as you will see there is variety in the clubs people would like to buy.

Top Twenty now displayed

January 25th 2008

We have made some enhancements to the web site, and by popular request, you will now be able to see the top twenty clubs, as voted for by fans registering on the site. This is dynamically updated, rather than updated manually. Already we have seen movements on the top twenty, as the list is fluid and will change as people register their interest for certain clubs. Additionally, we have emailed all those people who, when registering, chose not to select a club, to encourage them to do so; to make the list even more representative of peoples wishes. You will notice that there are no Premiership clubs on the top twenty list.

Who's new ?

January 18th 2008

You will now be able to see who has signed up and which club they would ideally like to be owning. We display the last twenty people to sign up, and as you will see there is a real variety.

It's for you to choose

January 11th 2008

To scotch any rumours, we have not approached any football club with a view to entering into any discussions about possible takeover, and we have no intention of doing so. Although we do welcome approaches from clubs, we will not be initiating any discussions. It is for the fans to decide which club we should partner with, not us.

Happy New Year!

January 1st 2008

Well, we're just about recovered from the festivities now. After witnessing a few dismal games in the damp and cold over the Christmas & New Year period, we're back in the office and raring to go in 2008. Whilst we've been away, people have been signing up and there are now over 1,600 people registered!

1,000 passed

December 10th 2007

A week in which we did a number of radio interviews and popped up in a few newspapers explaining how fans really are the lifeblood of the game culminated in our passing another milestone - there are now over 1,000 people registered.

The gift that keeps giving

November 30th 2007

How about a different Christmas present this year? Have you got a friend or relative that is a football fan and who would enjoy the benefits of becoming a member of The People's Club? In which case, choose a Christmas gift membership pack to give someone you know the chance to part-own and run a real life football club! Your present will include a gift certificate and a welcome letter all carefully gift wrapped - all in all the ideal Christmas present.

Goodbye McClown

November 22nd 2007

After last night's England performance and our non-qualification for Euro 2008, we are all feeling very low. We do feel that if the team had been picked by the fans rather than McClaren, we would have qualified. Not that makes us feel any better, but it does go to show how powerful this fan power "pick your team" model can be, when you know that the average fan do better than the England manager.

500 up

November 21st 2007

A milestone passed as Mr G from Telford becomes the 500th person to register via the website so far.

Diamonds are for a season

November 18th 2007

As email questions, registrations continue to increase, congratulations go to MrTC who is the lukcy winner of the draw to have a stand named after him for a season.

Who is your favourite WAG?

November 14th 2007

Thanks to The Sun and mega football site 4thegame for running pieces on us and our survey on who the fan's favourite WAG is. To find out who Britains sexiest WAG is follow this link to The Sun

Fan Power

November 13th 2007

Hats off to the folks at and their announcement that they have agreed terms to take a controlling interest in Ebbsfleet United. We wish them every success. We hope they fulfil their promises to their members and let them pick the team, and not provide a watered down version. We also hope that all those who signed up have fun and manage to convince the doubters that real fans have what it takes to take Ebbsfleet forwards.

On me head, son

November 7th 2007

Now that the press have shown an interest in what we are up to, we had a funny old morning today when we had our photos taken for the press. We had a number of shots taken in the office and then at Tilsley Park - our local five a side centre. Outside, kicking a football around, we somehow forgot the cold, and one or two of us seemed to have forgotten how to kick a ball properly too. The snapper assigned to us spent two hours marvelling at our rather elaborate if poorly executed set piece manouevres. After us, he had to do a photographic session with Keira Knightley in Bath. Keira and Simon - the phrase Beauty and the Beast did spring to mind.

Easy Fundraising

November 4th 2007

We have added a couple of well meaning sites to our links pages, to enable us to raise further funds. Easyfundraising lets you shop online at over 500 places like Next, Amazon, Debenhams, John Lewis and HMV, with typically 3% from every purchase you make coming to us to boost the kitty. In a similar vein, Easysearch gives you the capability to search and raise funds. As Tesco famously say, every little helps.

Our Founder Member

October 23rd 2007

Congratulations to Matt from Torquay who has become our first signed up member.

Making Progress

October 15th 2007

It's been a busy week or two interviewing people, working on the business model, discussing the background legal issues and improving the "behind the scenes" members functionality.

Web Site LIVE

October 3rd 2007

It's a major milestone for us as the first iteration of the web site goes live. We have gone for what they call a soft launch so we can gauge initial feedback. However, the web site is fully functional and even features a taster of what's to follow - with the "Pick Your Team" prototype.

Office Opening

October 1st 2007

We have been busy at the weekend with paintbrushes and assembling desks and other furniture to make our new offices ship shape. We are very pleased with the setup - we have got a fabulous deal on the rent and a fabulous view - overlooking the River Thames. The offices will be staffed at all times so we can process all applications and answer all your enquiries promptly. Meantime, we have been busy building the web site, setting up bank accounts, and doing the necessary legal statutory work behind the scenes. It's beginning to take shape.