I don't support a team

I don't support a football team, why should I sign up?

So, you like football but, for whatever reason, you don't follow one team passionately? Do you enjoy watching the odd game on TV yet feel no really strong allegiance to any particular team? You know who Jose Mourinho is and you kind of know what offside is all about?

If this sounds like you, then The People's Club can give you a purpose in life!

Get involved

By joining The People's Club your purpose in life will become clear. Rain or shine, win, lose or draw, your heart will have found a home. Your Saturday afternoons will now be filled with nervous anticipation and you will enjoy the highs and lows and real passion that millions of football fans around the world feel every time their team runs out onto the pitch.

Even more than that, The People's Club gives you what every football fan dreams of - the chance to influence team selection, choose tactics and have a say in how your club is run!

"Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I'm very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that."
The late, great Bill Shankly

Join Something Special

Sign up and your Saturday afternoons will never be the same again.

Even if you don't currently feel confident enough to make big decisions about team selection, you may well do in time. There are also plenty of other benefits which will be offered to subscribers. Soak up the atmosphere at the game alongside other fans with your complimentary match ticket - and you could also win Cup Final tickets, signed shirts or even have a stand at the ground named after you.

If you're happy being a lost soul without a team to get behind, then we're not for you, and maybe you should try Online Dating. If however, you want to become a real fan and experience the ups and downs and the joy and emotion of being actively involved with a club, then sign up straight away.