I Support a Premier League club

I support a Premier League club, why should I sign up?

We're realistic enough to know that we aren't ever going to be able to afford to buy a Premier League club. For example, Manchester City were sold in the summer of 2007 for £81m - to raise that amount of money we'd need 1,650,000 fans to sign up. Clearly, that isn't going to happen.

However, The People's Club does have something to offer fans of teams in the Premier League (and Championship for that matter).

FA Premier League Fans

If you've ever joined a Fantasy Football league and played against your mates, you'll know the thrill of picking the team week in and week out. With The People's Club you'll have the opportunity to do that with real players against real teams in a real league.

Signing up gives you the chance to do what you'll never be able to do with your club - having your voice heard by playing a key role in the selection of which players are bought and sold, who the manager is and which 11 players turn out each week to face the opposition.

Who knows, if you do a good enough job with tactics and team selection, then maybe one day The People's Club team will face your own team in the Premier League. Your only dilemma then will be to decide whether you sit with the home fans or the away fans!

Premier League here we come

Seriously, we do not expect to replace your own club in your affections, but wouldn't you like a second team, a second team you are actively involved with, a team whose results you look out for?

Aside from having a say in the running of the club, you will also get a free complimentary ticket to a home game each season, the chance to win tickets to various Cup Finals and you could even win signed shirts and have one of the stands named after you for a year.

If you're happy to be part of the prawn sandwich brigade and not care about who plays in next week's team, then we're not for you. Maybe you should try Online Dating, but if however, you want to have a real influence on next week's team and have a major say in the future of football, then sign up straight away.