Why do you want us to invest in your club?

Why you want us to invest in your club

We will bring money to your club - it is likely your club will benefit by £500,000 of additional funding purely through our subscribers per season.

Clearly this is not enough to buy a Premier League team so If you do support a Premier League team find out why The People's Club is for you. Also If you don't currently support any team, find out why The People's Club could be for you.


We would conservatively expect 10% of our members to attend at least one home game per season, bringing in an additional £50,000 in gate revenue alone.

Additionally, we have a number of creative innovative ideas that will substantially boost club revenue, including advanced sponsorship, and superior merchandising. All in all, we will be bringing in considerable sums to make the club profitable, with plenty of money available for transfer funds.

Yep - that's right - if your team become The People's Club, you can expect that some decent players will be signed, and you can look forward to seeing them play for your team.

By the very nature of what we are doing here, your club will get plenty of publicity and plenty of regular media attention, raising its profile. You will be able to bask in the glory of knowing it is your club that is The People's Club.

Imagine being able to play a part in the selection of your team. You will be able to help choose the team for every match if your team becomes The People's Club.

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If your club becomes The People's Club, you can look to a bright future with a broader fan base - in the future you can expect to meet people in your everyday life who will now have a genuine affection for your club and a genuine interest in your team's results.

Imagine if the spirits were raised at your club and the advantage that comes with a large breath of fresh air and more importantly, your team will get moving up the leagues. We are looking to make your club successful - we will provide the funds, the right manager and players and ensure that your club is well run from top to bottom - all leading to one thing - making your club very successful.

It can happen. Incredibly, Wigan Athletic were a non league club in 1978 - look at them now.

If you are happy with your club muddling along in mid-table mediocrity, then we're not for you. Maybe football isn't your thing - maybe you should try Online Dating.

If however, you do love football and want your club to be successful, then sign up now.